[CodeCanyon] Your item, Crypto Digital Downloads v1.0, has been rejected

I receive hard rejection from CodeCanyon review team,
Can somebody review my item and leave me feedback

Item: https://demos.sdevpro.com/crypto-dd/d/6c750cdce486ecf737d4
Admin panel: https://demos.sdevpro.com/crypto-dd/admin

Take a breath and relax.
If that is your tone, your support will be terible.

Your demo makes no sense I cant even understand what your product is doing.

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Crypto Digital Downloads allows you to sell your digital products, no matter what CMS you use, our script generates a unique link to sell. Our script does not have a home page on which your products are exposed. The product can be found only through the link generated by our script. Crypto Digital Downloads use Block.io Wallet API to create an address, receive payments, and verify them.