[CodeCanyon] Your item, alimPortfolio - Laravel Personal Portfolio/CV/Resume CMS., has been rejected

Hi, I once uploaded an Portfolio Laravel script on codecanyon and it was rejected with reason: “It does’nt meet our quality.”.

But I don’t understand what problem I have with this script.

Kindly check it out and give me a feedback
Homepage: Professional services | alimPortfolio

admin info:

Email: admin@gmail.com
pass: admin

Thank you

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Hello friend, great work
I reviewed your project and here are the notes:

  • Relatively small project: Your project is beautiful and great, but it lacks a premium project.
    Solution: focus in on your project and add some unique features to it.

  • Incomplete project: The texts (Lorem ipsum) make your project as incomplete.
    Solution: Change the texts and make them understandable to simulate a real experience.

  • Try to make an admin feature to create additional pages such as (about us, usage policy, etc…)

  • The design is great**, but you can do the best,** because there are more animations.

This is my humble opinion, which may be the reason for the rejection of your project. I really hope that you will put more time and effort into your project, as it is wonderful!

Thank you, and good luck.

Thank you for your great comments. Sir, Can I re-submit this script to codecanyon after I complete these tasks?

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hello friend, yes you can re-upload it, before re-uploading make sure of the following:

  • Make sure to change the project name.
  • Ensure that the project description has changed.
  • Make sure to change the icon or logo of the project.

Rename the project to a new name (not the same name as the rejected project)

Just that’s it and I hope to see your project in codecanyon!
Thank you, and I hope you have more success.

Thank you sir :slight_smile:

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You need to make significant changes to both the design and features and functionality - to the point it is as a new item.

Altering the names and description of a hard rejected item and resubmitting without enough change could be seen as sneaky and cause the account to be disabled

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