Codecanyon Upload Rejected with no further reason

HI, Today Me and my team are too much dis-heart due to Codecanyon Rejected our Item with no further reason, First Submission Rejected, Fix all issues, Updated 2nd time rejection and received email with screenshots of issue, we fix that issue and also check A to Z files one by one almost 150 to 200, also used sonar lint plugin in Android studio to fix quality issue and fixed, 3rd time submit update and Item Rejected with no further reason, Me and my team spend 2 months on this Item, Item is already available on Play Store for DEMO, URL:

Now what should we do? I ask from rejection Team, why the do wrong decision? why 3rd time not give the reason of Item Rejection, We have only 1 item in our Account this was 2nd item and rejected,

What we giving here? giving good item to buyer so they can make money from our item,

Leaving Codecanyon if Codecanyon not support us, i can’t face this loss, Spend many months on Item and at the end rejection. Sorry to all,