CodeCanyon Preview Demo is not working.


After login in CodeCanyon Preview Demo, its showing “The action you have requested is not allowed.” Please let me know what its not working.


please can you share the item url or full title. So that we can check. Thanks

Please check the links below its not working on chrome browser after login.



both link working fine from my side:



Please login with demo credentials and let me know. Its not working when i try to login…

Showing “The action you have requested is not allowed”.


I get this after logging in:

But this is an error from your app, not CodeCanyon.

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working from my side:

hello sir i have same issue. can you please check the URL

  • User Name: admin
  • Password: 123456
    Login not working. but out side the CodeCanyon Preview Demo its working fine on every browser.

Hi @wp-mage, from my side the login credentials working fine when in the coecanyon preview window.


In codecanyon preview window no login does not work using Firefox - it does not redirect correctly. Outside using the direct link:

Does work correctly and goes to the dashboard.

i test it with Chrome , Firefox not working.

i test it with Chrome , Firefox not working sir.

A good solution can be you will create a preview.html where you will show your demo list (maybe a screenshot of the main features) and visitor have to click on the demo screenshot/button to check the main demo and demo will open in a new tab. When the demo will open in a new tab then the URL will be direct your demo URL. If you like to do this then don’t forget to change your demo URL in the item page (edit item description and change the URL).

This is a well-known issue with modern browsers’ cookie policy and the Envato iframe. What I usually do is to break out of the iframe using javascript when someone visits the login page and setup a custom popup with a purchase button back to the item.