codecanyon newsletter - Do I need to have a Wordpress website before I can use this please?




Sorry for the newbie question. Just getting things together to launch my new business and would like to produce a newsletter. I have found one produced by ‘codecanyon’ but as it is a plugin, I am assuming I need to have a Wordpress website first? (which I might do anyway).

Don’t want to get this then not be able to use it or for a while anyway!

Many thanks in advance for any advice or guidance.



Not everything on Codecanyon and Themeforest is made for Wordpress, I will suggest to go to the product page of the plugin and scroll down until you see “Software Version” on the right. This should show you if the plugin is made for Wordpress or for something else.

An example of how this can look like:

Hope this will help you out :smiley:


Many thanks Proxibolt, I will have a look.