Codecanyon Newly Updated App List


Suggestion: Add Newly Updated App List (instead of just the newly released apps)

I’ve bought lots of apps and codes on codecanyon especially iOS apps, and I think there should be a listing of Newly Updated apps/codes.

There are lots of awesome apps which still have very high value, but they just don’t get supported on latest iOS or Xcode anymore. Some developers have been updating the older codes to support the latest os, but there is no way for buyers like me to find out (I have to scan through hundreds of old but great codes to find which one has been updated and supported).

Having the list of recently updated apps instead of just newly released apps will now only allow buyers to buy great old codes that have been updated, but it also motivates all the developers to update their apps to support the latest OS so more buyers will continue to support and buy their apps. Envato will surely get great increased in revenue from the sales as well.

Sincerely hope that this feature will be implemented. Thanks.