sign in does not support 2FA

I have a but it will not login to

I can use it with themeforest, but does not sign me in.

I do have 2FA enabled. But why is sign in with not working?

Hi @jikometrix,

Please check again. It should work for all over the Envato marketplace. You may to click on Sign in for the first time but it will automatically logged in if you already logged in in envato account.


I’ll try again.

I can get into the follow from

It will not let me in to

I have tried in private window. Different browser.

That is unusual behavior. You absolutely should be able to sign into CodeCanyon through the same SSO as the other websites – even with 2FA enabled.

I can only advise to open a Help ticket so a developer can investigate, but something you can try in the meantime is changing your password on to see if it fixes the issue.

It looks like an issue with FireFox on Mac. I went to a different computer and it seems to work there in Safari and Chrome.

Thanks for your help.

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