Codecanyon items on Codepen


i have found few items from Codecanyon published on Codepen.
Is this allowed for Envato buyers or others to share or publish the code like this?

Thanks for the info.

Of course not. Author of item should send abuse to datacenter hosting the site so they take it down.

Send a take down request to
A DMCA request would make things faster. :slight_smile:

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But if you are taking it down from piracy site i do not think they’ll take it down so i always go after hosting or datacenter. If they do not remove content after datancenter told them to do so they simply suspend whole server :wink:

CodePen is not a piracy site. Sending to the data center when dealing with a massive website like CodePen will waste massive time and yield 0 results.

Though you’re right, when dealing with actual piracy sites, it may be easier to send to the host. :slight_smile:

I tought so, thanks :slight_smile:
I think Codepen can’t be responsible for the pen’s that users create, but i’ll send them an email about the item’s i’ve found there and hopefully they will address the issue.

Yeah right, like megaupload owner (kim dotcom) wasn’t in jail because of files users uploaded :smiley:

Just wanted to say that Codepen removed the reported pen’s which contained (partial or full) Codecanyon item code :slight_smile:

If anyone finds an item there and wish to remove it you can send an email to (thanks @baileyherbert) with links of the pen(s) that are in issue and actual item link(s) so they can verify the violation(s).