CodeCanyon is forcing me to use framework

I got info from several ex Envato developers from group I am member of (group has 2000 developers in it) and they told me framework is required, as one of them said they are requesting Laravel or Symfony. So it is confirmed
CodeCanyon is forcing people to use framework.

“OR” or frameworks like, because there are Yii2 Extensions here, that’s too policing not every app needs a framework, even Symfony has God tons of vendor libraries you don’t use in it when using Composer. am sure it can’t be so

I saw your script and I feel like the design is a bit lacking.

Even my wordpress theme was rejected for the same reason.So i think its not the framework they are expecting but a responsive design change may be which my theme was lacking at some levels. But the team should specify clearly any changes they need instead of letting the developer guess a reason.These cliffhanging reason is given by every monopolist even google does that to their adword clients.I heard same things use to happen back in the days when yahoo use to rule in the industry now you know where they stand :smiley: .

Hi, When you upload your new item, feel free to send a detailed description of the product directly to the reviewer, where you mention that you don’t intend to use a framework.
Reviewers often provide this solution, because it’s going to be the future of programming, but it’s not required the use of a framework.

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I can understand your frustration over item being rejected due to framework not used.

Yes, I know for small applications using a framework makes no sense. But its a fact - frameworks give a proper structure to the application. You cannot realise this advantage unless you actually work on one framework.
Working on a framework is not difficult at all. The starting may be a little tough, but probably in 3-4 days assuming you give 5 hours each day, you will have a good feel of it.

I too was hell bent on not using framework. I thought frameworks were kind of lame, and that I write good code, object oriented, well commented etc so a framework is useless. But once I was pushed by my client to use a framework. I would have lost the job if I did not use a framework. Obviously I had no option except to use it. Once I got the feel of frameworks I realised how foolish and “pride-full” I had been.

More then being a CodeCanyon author, you are a developer - I’m sure you like coding. Its your responsibility to grow as a developer. By learning new things, you become stronger, your future becomes more secure.

I would strongly suggest you to use a framework. Probably start with Codeigniter - its simpler to setup. Then submit item to CodeCanyon again specifically telling that “you had asked me to use a framework, and now I have used a framework”. Even if they again rejected your item, you would have learnt a powerful tool. If not, your item is approved and you have learnt something new. Its a win-win situation.

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