CodeCanyon Free File of the Month nominations: JAN-MAR 2021

My messenger iOS application :space_invader::

How to nominate? Where can i find the link etc.

What’s the process?

In this thread, post a message with a link to your item (you must be logged in as the author of the item) and we’ll add it to the list.

  • The CodeCanyon monthly Free Files for January, February and March will be selected from this list, promoted on the CodeCanyon homepage and via email to our customers.
  • Other Free Files will be used in Envato Marketing campaigns and emails. These files are typically available as freebies for one week.
  • If your item is selected as a Free File, you’ll be notified via email with more details about the timing involved.

Who can nominate an item?

Only the creator of the item can nominate it for a Free File promotion.

Criteria for Selection

In order for a file to be considered as a Free File for any Marketplace, the item must meet the following criteria. Nominations for items that do not meet these criteria may be removed from the thread:

  • You must be the author of the file you’re submitting.
  • Maximum of ONE file nomination per author, per marketplace.
  • The file must be rated 4 stars or higher.
  • No item will be featured as a Free File of the Month more than once.
  • If your item requires a Purchase Code to unlock any functionality, it is not eligible for use in a Free File promotion.

You have only one item in your portfolio. just go to your item page, copy the item page link and just post the link here (in this thread).

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