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I am writting here only for the reason i can get a support from you People

We have purchased a product from active ecommerce cms. From the startig itself their suport was too worst. Even though we managed to continue with them. But sudddenly the have removed a feature without informing the customers. when we ask for it their reply was so shocking.
First they told that the feature was not there.
Next after sharing the screenshot they accepted that the feature was just a text box and not woking anywhere.
then we share the proof for that too. after so much argument when we prove them wrong they completely changed the topic like due to our huge customer request we removed the feature. But we never see any request to remove the feature instead there are so many people asking for the tracking code feature.

I am sharing the screenshots of what happen with them. so you can decide what to do. we are taking legal action against them.
Check this google drive for all their scam details.