CodeCanyon Fees not really decent !

Hello !

I think that CodeCanyon fees are not really decent ! even i’m an exclusive author, i got 25% of the price of my plugin when purchased in USA ! which is really frustrating since i’m not US cityzen

Plus, even when purchased on not USA i got less than 50%

So, i’ll simply move my items to another website or i’ll make my own

Sincerely, taking more than 50% without doing nothing, no support, no help, i do all the job myself and they pick the big part of the cake… so frustrating

I hope they’ll not delete this post as they did before and be honest with themselves !


Yes it looks frustrated author in start … but with passage of time and some decent sales you get your share increasing. I agree we get just a fraction but if sales reached elite then you can get upto 87% for every sale I think …

So best of luck and hope for best :slight_smile:

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Thanks for reply, but what do you mean by “elite” ?

Once you sale certain number or in short when your total sale money reaches $75000 you become elite author.

But your shares increases step by step for more see envato author fee and you will understand properly.