Code to install header in Uncode theme

A tech recently asked me for a code for the Uncode theme I bought (kind of an oxymoron considering the name), to install the header for the Classic theme. I bought it through a Fiverr tech and have asked him. Is there another way to find it if he doesn’t have it? Support is taking up to 10 days to respond. Thank you-

If you bought it through a fiver then you are using an illegal copy, and envato support or authors are not going to be able to help you.

That theme is only sold through envato, and you most certainly do not need any special code to install the header!!

The best thing you can do is uninstall that and get it as far away from your website as possible.

If someone on fiver is reselling the same one copy to multiple people then you will have no support, no updates and almost certainly using an out of date or malware filled rip off.

You can purchase the proper version with support, updates (and headers!) from here

So, you would like me to spend an extra $60 I don’t have? By trying to intimidate me? You are listed as a “volunteer” moderator, which I assume means you are not paid by Envato, and therefore–most likely–do not have access to all of their procedures or policies.

Therefore, it is within the realm of possibility they offer volume discounts, or sell themes at a commission to developers. Lots of businesses do that. Without knowing for sure, I won’t be taking your word for it. As a matter of fact, I’ve written to support before and did not receive anywhere near such an hysterical response. Further, my account is in good standing and I use Envato for other things.

Thanks for your time.

No one is trying to intimidate you - we are trying to help prevent you potentially find yourself with bigger problems and from using items that are clearly not right.

For clarity that item is sold exclusively here by one of the most respected authors on the marketplace. There is absolutely no way that someone (esp on a site like fiver) can or would be selling it with or without commission to the author. This would be entriely counter productive for the author, as well as mean they were breaching their own author agreement with envato.

If it’s legit copy then you would have 6 months support and lifetime of updates from the author, and should be using their support forum or comments (which will no doubt be faster than 10 days wait).

Presumably envato support weren’t able to help you when you contacted them? What did they say?