Code template buy terms

I want to purchase a script template and I am given an option of "regular or free license " and "six months or twelve months support duration "

I don’t really understand it.
Why I buy a code script template here, hope the code will be sent to me (probably in zip) where I will have to download it, move it to my server as now MY CODE. Then Edith it to my test (maybe with the help of the support theme for the duration I chose)


will the code still be in envato’s possession with a license to have access to the functionalities for a period of time .(which is an arrangement i don’t like)

I am working on my own social website and I want a code to use for my self in my social website where user register to browse

  1. There is no ‘free’ license. Only ‘regular’ or ‘extended’ which relates to how and where you plan to use the script

  2. By default, items come with 6 months support is included with an option to extend or renew this. Guidelines and restrictions are outlined here

  3. Installation is not included but you will be able to download and use the script within the license terms as per the above

  4. You never own the copyright but you do own a license to use the item (within the license restriction) for life

  5. There is no guarantee of support (outside of the 6 months) or updates if the author chooses to remove the item from the marketplace.

  6. If people need to pay to access your website then you will need the extended license

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am I allowed to change the graphics, photos and styling of the code I bought

Yes you can - modifying styling is almost all ok - the licenses tend to refer to how scripts are used

it’s a social media scrip where user register login and communicate with each other

Thus, I can also change the logo to my site logo on the head and favicon

It sounds like a regualr license would be ok but if in doubt you can always ask envato

that’s the copyright in the foot should be?

Not sure what you mean?

usually it is written at the footer ©envato,. Something like that, can I change it to ©my website.

That’s the copyright is actually what I do with the code, not what I Edith the code to be

Also am I permitted to give the code template to a friend (for free) who wants to use it

Yes you can edit the copyright - it’s morally questionable but ok under the license

110% NOT - you cannot redistribute it for free or for sale as it is or once edited.

Also you can only use the script on one end product/website

OK, thank you very much for your time,

Will the product be resolved by envato to another customer after they have sold it to me?

Sorry, I mean, Resold *

Of course - there is no exclusive license. For example the biggest selling theme has been sold over 500K times

Also envato don’t own the items - they are just the marketalce. Copyright, support, updates etc. all lies with the author

​I have gone through the FAQs and still no clear guide on “how/where to Download latest updates” for wowonder ultimate social network and “perform a successful update for my website” running on wowonder ultimate social network script​.
My website is currently running on version 2.4, but version 2.5 and 2.5.1 are out, and i want to upgrade to it.
i need guide on “how/where to Download latest updates” and ​"how to perform a successful update for my website"​

To get latest versions:

The update process will depend on the item and what customisation you have made etc but it’s probably wise to ask the author