Code left in page when moving from theme with Avia Layout Builder


Can anyone tell me how to deal with snippets / code left on my site when I try a new theme. Am currently using Enfold with Avia Layout Builder, but if I preview another theme then my site is littered with stuff like this…

[av_contact_field label=’Name’ type=’text’ check=’is_empty’ options=” width=” multi_select=”][/av_contact_field]
[av_contact_field label=’E-Mail’ type=’text’ check=’is_email’ options=” width=” multi_select=”][/av_contact_field]

[av_three_fourth first]


Sure, I used the builder to create pages, but shouldn’t I be able to move away from the theme without having to go through the site re-editing everything (or am I being naive?)?


That’s a WP issue and not per theme, shortcodes are added to the page to “build the layout” and when you remove the function that creates that shortcode, you are left with the “rubbish” in your editor.

Only way of cleaning it is a manual process, you can automate it slightly by using a search and replace plugin to remove most from every post / page BUT you will need to manually check each post / page and remove them.

Thanks Gareth, I have a bit of work to do in that case…:weary: