Code Folder Is Empty

Hello, I bought a product

it says that this project uses Laravel (backend) and flutter (mobile)

but the Laravel code folder is empty,
I told them on the site in the comments they answered me, the composition of the ticket on another site,

I created a ticket on their site, they still did not answer me

What should I do? I cannot check the project


Contact with your purchase item author hope they will helped!

Still any query you can get in touch with envato market help center


Hi @developer-bakai,

You posted a comment in the item Comments page about 10 hours ago and Author replied you about 2 hours ago and requested you to create a ticket in their support forum. Already You have created a ticket. so please give them (author team) time they will reply you there and hope they will solve it.


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you do not understand the essence of the problem if they even solve the problem.

i am wasting my time

why should I waste my time writing tickets here and there?
why did you allow not a complete project to be sold?

and will buy another project as per their terms
I downloaded the project but not complete
can i get my money back?
at least half

You are the first buyer (1st sale) of the item. May be they have done mistake to upload the full script. That’s why requesting you give them time to fix the script. We are expecting author @iqonicdesign will solve it soon.

If they not really interested to fix it then you can ask refund here.

Here is all the information about refunds:
Envato Market Refund Rules