Code Canyon Script Reset

Hello, I bought the “active e commerce” script from code canyon 6 months ago. my project was unfinished and today I wanted to delete it and install it on the same domain again, but I got the http500 error, I reported it to the active zone, but they told me to buy support to reset the domain license, the license works in a single domain, sometimes it may need to be reset. It’s not a problem, it needs to be done, but the active zone says buy support for it, I do not accept this, because I do not want support, they just need to reset my license, what should I do for this?

So you’ve installed the script, but you are now receiving a 500 error. Are you receiving this error when trying to activate the script with your purchase code? Or is the entire script showing a 500 error?

Yes, I am getting this error when trying to activate the license.
We went through all the steps, when we press the “IMPORT SQL” button, we get this error, we are sure that it is caused by the license, there is no problem with the server, it was working on the same server 3 days ago, I wanted to delete it and reinstall it and it didn’t work…

If you’re seeing a 500 error on the “Import SQL” step then it is not related to the license/activation. You would have received an error on the earlier step where it asks you to enter your purchase code.

So something is wrong. I can think of these simple causes:

  • They’ve increased the minimum PHP version since you last installed.
  • The sql file that the script uses for imports is missing or corrupted
  • You’re trying to reuse the same database (you need to clear the database or create a new one)

Ultimately, you’ll need to either renew support and ask the author to investigate the error (this seems to be what they explained regarding your license). Or for some DIY, you can enable display_errors on your server to see the underlying exception that’s causing the 500 status code – it might give you a clue as to what’s wrong.

That does not explain the 500 error and @baileyherbert has given you the information that could probably cause this. Happy New Year.