[Code Canyon] Project Feedback Before Submitting

I need some project feedback and project opinions before start creating the documentation and fixing some bugs.
Its FULL CRM with Sales web application with quote a great design.
Client side is separeted from admin.
Staff tasks
Invoices, Payments record, Great reports

Client: www.perfexcrm.com/demo (email: client@test.com, password:123123)

**ADMIN **- Staff1: www.perfexcrm.com/demo/admin (email: staff1@test.com, password:123123)

Looking for some feedback and opinions.

MSTdev, it’s awesome!
I think it will be nice purchase for own projects too. I think you should add tax value manual mode, for example I need to add 30% Tax but I can’t. And if you add functionality to share earnings between partners it will be great too.

In any case it has nice start and great potential!


This is version 1.0.0. All other functionalities will be added in the next releases. I dont understand about the manual modes. You can add your own taxes and separetely product with this tax you have added.
If this product have 30% tax, 30% tax will be calculated on this product. Check the customizer menu on top right if i got you right :smile: