Code Canyon log in gone

Where has Code Canyon license management log in gone? keeps going back to Envato marketplace these days and nowhere to reassign the URL for the theme to be activated. Envato owns Code Canyon but is there somewhere to do the license management in Envato? Can’t see a solution and don’t want to buy support until I know I can move my theme to a new URL. Thanks for any help.

Could be cache issue. Clear the browser cache/cookies and try again

Nope. If you tried to go to the URL yourself you’d find the same. It isn’t a simple thing like that. Envato has taken over Code Canyon but not providing the support unless you pay a fee. This should be available without paying for support.

Sorry! to say Envato don’t have option to manage the purchased license for activate the license. License management option (activation/Register and deactivation/Unregister) maintained/managed by the Item’s Author own support systems. Customer have to keep a note which license has used for which end product by themselves.

You can contact the author of your purchased Item, the author may assist you.

How to contact an author to get support or for any technical query:


License is for one domain ( single end-product ) and you cannot use it on multiple domains/projects. Each time, you will need to purchase a copy. That’s probably why you’re unable to use it

Thanks. But only one is live at a time.

Thanks but Code Canyon is no longer live and owned by Envato. They are the author and need to be able to assist. They just haven’t made it possible to do so at this point. The author contact is not working as you suggest because Code Canyon is now owned by Envato.

CodeCanyon is just envato’s marketplace where an item is sold - they are not the item author.

What is the item called? What format is it?

As @ki-themes said - you may need a new license as these are not always interchangeable regardless of if it is live/in use.

Thank you all the same. I got someone through Envato and then referred to Code Canyon within the Envato business and they deregistered the old URLs that are not being used in order to use them on the new site. They are interchangeable when it is the same business.

Certainly! They deregistered the old URLs that weren’t in use to utilize them on the new site within the Envato business, following a referral from Envato to Code Canyon.

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