Coach Focus: purchase code missing for Slide Revolution plugin

Hello to everybody

I have a question: where I can find the Purchase Code for Slider Revolution plugin I have with Coach Focus layout? I have a txt file for the License Certificate but in the file there is not the purchase code. I don’t know what to do

thank you all for a kind answer

You don’t get purchase codes for bundles plugins

It will still work without being ‘activated’ - just not able to get auto updates etc. which need to be provided by the theme author

oook thank you so much, going to try

I’m sorry but it’s not working. I attach here a couple of pictures, slider revolution seems to need a license key to be activated, and I don’t have it because it’s a bundle plugin as you were saying…

I don’t know how to activate it, please help and thank you

As per the link above you cannot activate the plugin, but you do not need to to make it work

The only things that you cannot do is to access auto updates or the plugin template library (theme templates should still be there)

Hello, thank you for your patience and sorry for my stupidity

I swear, I’m trying to “make it work” as you say, but I cannot. So, do you have a direct instruction to suggest me to “make it work”? Because its seems there is no way to use the sliders: I have the plugin ready in the WP backend but I’m not able at the moment to add any slider to my blocks…

Your best option is to ask the author who will be best placed to help and worth checking item documentation also