CMS Themes haven't been approved for over 2 weeks

Hi envato staff cc @BenLeong

The CMS themes category hasn’t had a theme approved for more than 2 weeks. The last approved theme was on 23 June. Is there an official reason for this?

The review turnaround time also doesn’t indicate the wait time anymore. It would be nice to know what’s going on.


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Another not-very-good thing I’ve noticed is all the featured themes in the last 6 months are centered around 3 categories: WordPress, HTML, and Magento. I know envato is focus on what’s popular but it will be good to actually see a randomly selected featured item from other categories like Moodle, forums, Drupal, Joomla etc

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I have the same problems.
Hey envano, maybe you need a joomla reviewer? In this thread, the best specialists :star_struck:

Two items have been approved today. But aside from that, there’s probably nothing in the queue. The average is only about 8 a month, so a couple of weeks without anything isn’t all that crazy.

Hi @arrowthemes! I’m not sure why the ThemeForest Quality page isn’t showing review time estimates for that category - I’ve raised this with our reviewers, and they will investigate further.

We haven’t stopped reviewing CMS themes, so it’s more likely that other review types (priority reviews, etc) have taken up all the available reviewer time lately. There are already some new CMS themes starting to hit the marketplace now, so you should see others come through the queue soon.