CMS or html theme for Payment Gateway like stripe

Can you help to find an HTML template or CMS like stripe/WePay with all client and admin pages?

You won’t find that on a stock marketplace - it would require extensive custom development esp if you plan to also handle the payment side of those example sites

If you have a sensible budget then you could try but bear in mind anyone who wants less than several thousand $ is not someone you want to be working with on a project like that


Thanks, could you estimate the budget for this project including the API?

It depends on the exact functionality - stripe/WePay are payment gateways so incredibly complex and specialised - at a complete guess tens to hundreds of thousands of $, maybe more depending on requirements.

Then you have huge security and infrastructure considerations and costs (easily thousands a month) plus a gateway build is not something you should be looking for a developer from a stock marketplace or even a freelance site for.

You really are better off using an established platform or technology - out of interest why do you need your own?

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We have a huge Marketplace selling products on it and we use stripe… but now we have the ability to built and use our own payment gateway. another reason that we operate on different countries and middle east.

Ok that makes sense

A custom gateway is going to cost tens of thousands of $ at least but you also have a lot of security, compliance and regulation barriers to overcome too.

Consider big marketplaces and online businesses - they almost all use PayPal, Visa or one of the recognized providers for a good reason

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PayPal isn’t really supported on all Middle East countries, and we want to invest the fees we pay for Payment gateways.

Honestly this sounds like a pretty big build and one that you would be wise finding an agency to help you with

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You have Transfer Wise or Revolut and they have API and over that you can get money without and or with very small fee.
I am using both system 2 years and they are very good.

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So there is no chance to find HTML theme contain admin/client pages for Payment Gateway.