Cloud Licensing for Themes/Plugins

Hi fellow codecanyon and themeforest authors! I am looking at building something for my plugins and thought there might be a gap for others as well. Can you please take a minute to read below and fill out the short survey? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

The WordPress plugin and theme market is shifting. Many authors are looking at switching to a recurring SAAS model for their plugins or themes but it seems like they are all building their own tools to manage licenses. I think there’s a gap and I’m hoping this can fill it. We are looking to build a service that will also support Envato’s current licensing model. We all need a system that’s always available 24/7.

Could you please take a moment to fill out this short survey?

Unless I am misunderstanding what you are talking about- envato would not allow a recurring subscription based model (or you to promote this via their platform is sold elsewhere).

Sorry for the confusion - this service would be for both Envato’s current licensing model as well as plugins/themes that are in the WordPress repository. There are many authors in the repo that are offering a PRO version for a subscription.