Closed Cult System

I have solid reasons to believe that Envato is a closed cult system or marketplace for the following reasons:

If your item is rejected, you SHOULD be told what is wrong. If you are a publisher on WordPress marketplace or other marketplace, you would notice how helpful they are, they really want you to get it right and succeed. They will tell you what is wrong so you can fix it and move ahead. Envato never, ever tells you a straight answer, they direct you to a link with a bunch of articles and reasons that contradicts themselves.

Can you share a demo link or preview to what you submitted that was rejected?

This is how it works, if the product is not good enough for Envato standards you will not get an explanation…

The explanation they gave is vague. If they really wantt to help they should tell you exactly. When you go to the link they refer, you would see conflicting statements and it would get you even more confused. Envato should break their response into points with numbering. For instance, if code not standard…Code 1. The staff would simply reply, Not approved, reason Code 1. Then the author would check what’s code one, it should be one thing…“bad coding”, after that it should have what do to.

If they have systems like this you know that they are serious with authors, especially new authors

I believe @charlie4282 just explained why this is not possible last week for another case.
Short version, reviewers are not entitled to provide additional comments if it’s hard-rejected item. If it’s soft-rejected item, they provide the information you’re asking to get the item approval sooner.

About your item, apart from the spacing / typo issues, I couldn’t understand what the item is for, it looks like a Google Form with a website design approach ( which is not completed, lots of the section lacks of details )

I’m not claiming anything either being rude but the way how you handled the details made me feel like that the design/code is taken from somewhere and added some content on it. The relation between the elements are not tied up together with some design flaws that there shouldn’t be exist.

I appreciate your comment, if only they tell me this I would have been happy to know. It is frustrating to spend days working only to be rejected without reasons, leaving you to guess and become even more frustrated. Anyways thanks

Days? There’re authors working on a year on a project that gets rejected. This is another issue, you should be working more than just “days” to get a proper item/project and focus on the item, design and features, not to get the item approval.

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This is why it works the way it should -

I guarantee they if the reviewer gave you even basic feedback that you felt you had addressed but they continued to reject, that the frustration would be 10 times worse

If the product has value is well done and is not some copycat of some other product if there re issues you will get a soft reject otherwise there is not point in telling what is wrong, is a waste of time.

On this I agree with the reviewers even though I worded one entire year on a theme and got a hard reject, imagine that but I started over with the same concept asked for help from a good UI designer, and got it accepted under a different name.

I am not sure what kind of product you made in 21 days but I am sure it is not something special! the marketplace is saturated not everything is accepted even if done right