Closed-Agency ..Move theme licence to new account

i have a client who’s been abandoned by his web-agency and needs his WP Site repaired. His WP-Site still uses a 2020 theme version and almost nothing works correctly anymore. He mailed me the LICENSE CERTIFICATE informations from 2020 (Item-ID, Item Purchase Code, etc…) that the agency used back then to buy the theme. Sadly the Licensee Agency does not exist anymore, so i have noone to contact on their side… In the envato download area i can only see the themes i’ve bought with my account, so can i use the forwarded licence informations to re-register the theme in envato under my account and download the theme updates?


You won’t be able to transfer the license into another account

The best option (assuming no drastic customisation) would be to have the client buy a new license of their own - then there is no limitations on accessing up to date versions and there’s a fresh 6 months support that may be useful if updating after a long period

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I understand
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