Cloning a service/trade listing website

looking for a site template clone of

I can help you to clone the template
Revert with your interest

Hi Sunjayvyas,
The website and app are complete platform and have 2 kinds of custom logins - one for the service trades to make their profile page and monitor job postings, invoicing, payments etc., and the second login is for the customers to set up their accounts, book jobs, make payments etc. Each login has GPS mapping and GPS tracking…like an Uber or Lyft app, allowing clients to see where the service trades are presently, but on the trade login the GPS mapping would only show job availability.

Both service trades and customers have access to the site on their phone and tablet - so a simple design component for the app is key to the sites overall functionality.

I’m really looking for an off the shelf template to start - I want to see how the concept works. To look at a custom site I need to get a sense of pricing.

Many thanks,

Do you really think that you will find out of box solution for 60$ all that what you have write in your post?
You will need to invest some money if you want to get professional site , I am not talking about 200 - 300$

Sorry, you must be mistaken. Did I request a price of $60…or even $200/$300???


Of the shelf templates are 60$ and that you have write on your post.