Client wishes to re-record an AJ track

A client got in touch and wants to re-record one of my tracks:

Does the AJ licence allow a client to re-record a track themselves? I have no problem with this, btw.

Can I license the composition to the client myself? It will be a new recording and not the AJ track so do I have the authority to do this?

I have submitted a support ticket, but I’m still waiting and client needs this urgently. All help appreciated! :thumbsup:

There is nothing that says they can’t in the license terms. Their intended usage may however be restricted by the terms, it all depends on what they plan to do with it.

In my opinion you could sell the composition directly to the client. You remain the author and retain all rights. The exclusivity agreement only prevents you from selling the track on another platform, which you’re not, so it’s all good according to me (Envato may see it differently though, better wait for their official response).

Thanks for the reply @PurpleFogSound. That’s how I see it too, but unfortunately they only have a few days to get this done, and support may not have gotten back to me by then.

If you know what they plan on doing with your music once they rerecorded it, and it falls within AJ license terms, then tell them they can go ahead and get a license through Envato. The fact that they rerecord it, does not matter, it could be considered as editing, which is allowed.

If they intended usage is not covered by the license, but you feel there is nothing shady and it won’t hurt you, then licensing the track directly to them is specifically forbidden in Envato help/faq. Now does the exclusivity applies to the recorded material or to the composition? As it’s not specified, a lawyer could argue you’re in your right, should Envato give you hell for this.

But the safest way to go for you is to go through AJ licensing as nothing prevents them to rerecord the track (but no added vocals!).

Well that’s another thing… the track already has vocalese but they want to add their own words (in a foreign language). So it’s pretty complex…

In this case it’s a no-go through AJ. A buyer cannot add vocals to a track they bought.

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DO NOT sell your rights in a such way. Just skip such strange offers.


The “adding vocals” clause in the Envato licence terms is to prevent someone from licensing an instrumental track, singing over the top and selling it as a song in its own right.

This is not the case here, and Envato has confirmed that it is the intended use of the final product that is key, not a blanket “you can’t add vocals to a track”.

Thanks to all for your help :slight_smile: