Client using Product Even After Refund

I have noticed so many people practising the same thing, they register your product and setup theme and take refund.
any solution?

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Open ticket suport on Envato.
Make video screen with url where still use it.
Speak with him to buy or to delete from your site,
Or make dmca

Good luck


Why you give refund ?
When a customer download your file he/she don’t deserve refund!


Why do you accept refund requests if they have already download the item?

If we dont give them refund , they gives you 1 star review. Some reviews are as per Envato policy, so it is difficult to convience Envato that , he was asking for refund ,after rejection he gave is bad review.

Another issue i am facing, user with expire support comments you, if you ask them to renew your support , they will give you bad reviews…

any suggestions ?

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No worry! If he give you 1 star review then let me know i help you.
Remember you have to positive on your own position.

You can’t make everyone happy

If they will give you one star because of this, you can open suport ticket to Envato.