Clicks on Impact

I meam maybe it’s just me but did anybody else’s clickthroughs become really low the last week?

Also I use the link shortener…Can I use the same shortened link for Soundcloud, Youtube, Vimeo,etc? or do i need to make a new one for each one?

(I still dont understand why they switched systems.Impact is a bit confusing.)

Hi @KabbalisticVillage

Impact latest version has made all link shortener. If you try to make a new link it will provide you a very small shortener link. I think you can use the same link for everywhere.

For more you can contact affiliate support @emile_b or


Hey @KabbalisticVillage,
There should be no issue with using the Link shortner. To track different sources such as Youtube, Vimeo etc best to use Sub_IDs, here’s how -–WRHSpOosN-En2qxmM3UTliQ

You can always send me links to check at

thanks Emile. I know how to set up sub id’s…my question is if i make a sub id for youtube and i put the same shortened link on Vimeo will that link still work. I am assuming yes?

Yes correct. Bare in mind, if the Sub_Id is for YouTube, it would appear that any activity generated would be coming from YT so you might want to create a seperate sub Id to ‘_vimeo’
Feel free to send me some links for me to check!

thanks. i think all my links are working because im getting clickthroughs and deposits!