Clean Up

Hi, I have been with you for 10 years and lately, there are so many items that don’t exist anymore.

When are you going to purge/clean up all of these?

When an item is not updated for a long time, then Envato clean those items.

Then they have been slack as there is a lot of items that haven’t been updated since 2014, 2010, etc

What exactly do you mean? If they don’t exist anymore, what is there to clean or purge?

There are heaps of templates etc that are been advertised, you click on them to view them and they don’t exist anymore - ie domain doesn’t exist etc.

Ah, you mean the live demos. Envato currently does not purge items for offline demos.

Well that template was last updated in 2012 and yes, the demo is offline, but it still has working screenshots.

And why would you buy something that isn’t supported anymore?

This template (impressivCard) will no longer be supported starting from 1 April 2015. Thanks to all buyers for your support.

I wouldn’t buy anything with screenshots - I ask customers to find one they like and then we help them build it. So many have complained about all the ones with no views

If you’re a developer like me, you’ll have no issue buying an unsupported template. There are a large number of developers and experienced designers on the marketplaces who do buy templates and themes with this mindset.

Unfortunately demos are hosted by the authors and even if they were still active, demos can always go down randomly and suddenly because that’s just how the internet works.

Fully understand how the internet works, I used to run bulletin boards before it existed.

I don’t do development full time, if I did I wouldn’t be buying these templates and I’d be charging a lot more.