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I am working with a rifle barrel manufacturer who is making the ‘Rolls Royce’ of barrels. The methods used today by even the top barrel and weapon manufacturers are similar to the 1800s there has been no progress. We are looking for someone who can create a clean responsive (like Apple’s pages) design who can do all the icon graphics and convoy the quality and why our barrels are better than anyone else’s. We want the inform the user of why ours are special and we need a special design to do this.

Ideally minimalist and clean like apple, points and comparisons and features as you scroll. Perhaps an interactive video of the barrel, such as a step by step of how the barrel is manufactured as you scroll down on one part of the screen where it zooms into the barrel and explains the material used, then as they scroll down more (as you scroll) it shows a bullet leaving as you scroll more describing how they are throughly tested unlike any other.

Can anyone recommend a designer, or are you the designer we are looking for? We need someone who can do all the graphics and the design so it is constant and clean throughout.

Any recommendations?

If you have experience please can you reply with some of your previous work completed.

Thank you.

Yes we can do this work for you if you have good budget. Email us about the requirement and give us some example websites so that we can build an awesome design for you. Email is Thanks

Hey there, we have an experience more than 3 years in that sector. We are looking forward for your reply. Please contact us here so we can discuss about it.

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We are a team of designers and developers from and we can help you if the budget is appropriate.

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