Clean, Professional Admin Theme

I’m looking for a good HTML & CSS & JQuery admin theme with clean lines and not too much clutter.

Extended License must be priced under $500.

What I’d like in this theme:

  1. A dark left sidebar with plain icons and fold in/out sections

  2. A light dashboard on the right with various widgets

  3. A top header that runs the entire length of the screen (the sidebar/main sections are below it)

If you think you have the right theme in mind, please don’t hesitate to suggest it here.


Unfortunately unless an admin author who has what you need sees this then this will be tough to make recommendations on.

There’s no way to search by extended license price so you may need to take some time to go through and search manually for what it is that you are after.

good luck

​Hey guys,
I’m in a deep trouble and struggling to update my King Size theme. I can’t go further than step 2 in the update instructions.

Step 1 : redownload the theme = done, all the files on my computer, unzipped

Step 2 : backup the website = how to do that?

Step 3 : upload the onto the filemanager or what, in Wordpress or where …

There are 5 or more steps to follow, but I’m really not a geek in fact I don’t even have a finest clue how to do that at all.

My site is hosted by and I could not have helped from them.

So I would be really grateful for someone who will be able to guide me through step by step on this and explain for me like for a 6 years old child.

I would even pay for it and of course I would provide you the login details as I’m really desperate to get this done.

Apart of the above I would be very grateful for all the suggestions to make this site mobile friendly and to make the site download faster .

Thanks ya’ll

Hello Laszlo,

Do you still need support? I will happy to help you out of the issue.

Please DM me.


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