Claue theme error on fresh magento2 install

Hello envato users and @ArrowHiTech support,

I installed a fresh magento 2.4.0.
Tested it out and everything was working fine.

Then I bought Claue theme from ArrowHiTech and i installed it step by step from their guide on fresh magento.
The theme looks fine, but when i try to go to Admin -> Catalog -> Products or Categories i get a blank page with an 500 error.
Before installing theme this page was working and i was able to add/remove products or categories.

I tried to search it on google and the only advice i found was to contact theme support so here i am writing this topic, maybe someone else had the same problem.
I would appreciate any help, thank you.

Hi @Kallenn,

Did you open a support ticket on our support system ?
If yes, please provide your ticket ID.
If not, please create a ticket here:
Our developer will check and help you resolve.

Best regards,

Hi @Kallenn,
Same problem here. Did you get it fixed? Please give me a solution.
I have raised a ticket two days back, but the support page is not loading now. I am so desperate trying different versions of magento and nothing works. Please help me.


Our support system is still working normal, please try to access again

Thanks and have a good day