Classifier Plugin abandoned?

i am interested in this plugin

but it seems abandoned
no developer answers in 2 months
no working demo…
anyone knows why
I thouhgt envato had some quality policy to avoid this, i see it is not the case
In classipro plugin happens the same

Hi @Milfuegos_Comunicacion_Visual,

Their demo website is under maintenance. Maybe they are upgrading.
I would like to recommend post a Comment and ask your pre-purchase query (I can see you posted a normal comment) in the plugin Comments page. If author don’t reply your pre-purchase query within max 3 business days then better to not purchase the plugin because author response is important when you will go to use the plugin and need any help.


Thanks for the answer
There are already comments with +2weeks unsanswered
And people already saying the demo did not work at least +1 month ago
so… abandoned?
i need to buy a plugin like this, but a couple i saw here in codecanyon seems forgotten, not confident