Classico Theme changing header logo

I have set up a website using the Classico theme and we are very happy with it except for one minor issue.

We have applied an SSL cert to the website but it won’t show the padlock because the logo image in the header is not showing https:// filepath.

My problem is that even though I have deleted the image then re uploaded it (several times) nothing changes, the filepath still shows http://.

I’ve even deleted the logo image yet it still shows on the website!

Any help would be appreciated.


It is possible the theme is hardcoded that way. You can try to go through the theme’s files and look for where it is set to use “http://” and manually change it to “https://”.

Or, if you contact the author of the Classico theme (@8theme) at their support page here, I’m sure they can give you exact advice.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

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