Classical Pop (Any chance of this being accepted?)

Going off on a new tangent… Any chance this will be accepted?

seriously…mono? LOL only left channel here… kinda progressive :sunglasses:

It sounds like reject… sorry :frowning:
I think, that you need better mixing and arranging…
It’s like a little bit chaotic track…

Placing drum beat loop over some melodic part will not make a track. As i told before, you have to learn basic concepts of composition and arrangement. Try some fundamental music production tutorials and start from scratch.


Alright thanks for your feedback. I fixed up the track and i’ll see if it gets approved. I also have listened to your feedback as well. Heres a new track with a more formal composition… Let me know what you think of this one if you get time. Thanks.

Upbeat Classical Pop:

This is also true for the second track. I have to say, this almost sounds like random instruments layered on top of each other. You really should start by learning the basics, both regarding composition and production because this is a 150% rejection candidate.

Also, you called this “upbeat” - how is this upbeat? This is laid back, mid-tempo drum loop with an E-minor guitar arpeggio and some sustained pad/sting stuff. What kind of upbeat, happy, positive images are you expecting a fimmaker to use with this music? Kids, pets, happy young couples? Maybe you saw that overused word on the bestsellers page and decided to use it, but I guarantee you, using one of the most overused, generic title words on AJ will not help you sell a track even if it was accepted which unfortunately it won’t be.

@gorillaent There is one question you should ask yourself everytime you finish a track; For which commercial purposes would it be usable, and if you were a customer, would you purchase a license for your track? I think if you are honest with yourself, you deny it! The tracks you uploaded here are far, far, far away from a production that could be accepted. It sounds if you don`t have a lot of musical experiance. That’s no problem, everyone here started from scratch… I am telling this not to de-motivate you but to take you the illusion that you could produce a track that gets approved with the capabilities you’ve at this point. There is a long way to go, a lot of work to do, but I am sure that a goal can be reached if one really want to…

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