Classical Piano Category Is Unfair & Inconsistent New Category Needed

I submitted yet another piece of piano music to this category that subsequently got moved to Cinematic -I’ve lost count of how many times this has happened. :scream:

A quick sort of the bestsellers in this section, in the last year, reveals not one single Classical Composer cover has yielded a top 20 spot in this section, in fact they sit at position 29 with just 9 sales.

So the top spots go to Contemporary Piano music - the category of piano music I submit to (but mine are always sent to Cinematic). This is very unfair and it’s time someone sorted this out. The Classical Guitar section does not have this problem, evidently the only qualification needed is that the music is played on a Classical Guitar!!! Music there doesn’t get moved to Cinematic to get lost, it sits where buyers will expect to see it!

Clearly if the top spots in Piano are not even traditional Classical music, this indicates that Contemporary Classical music is more popular and it shows a need for a new category, or that piano music is at least shown consistency. At the moment it seems as if most music which has not been composed by a master, is plopped in Cinematic, where it will be lost. (Some lucky authors are allowed their contemporary piano music into the Classical category, this inconsistency is unfair too actually).

Please give everyone a fair chance :confounded:

I personally feel my piano music gets lost in Cinematic among all the Epic tracks.

Can we please have within Classical Piano section, two sub-sections, one for Classical Piano and one for Contemporary Piano I think this would assist buyers and considering the Classical Guitar section has little Classical music would show consistency and fairness.

I welcome everyone’s thoughts on this and respectfully ask if Adrien could shed some light on this issue with a view to making changes @ADG3studios


A few months back there was a thread about this also. Then they decided not to ad a (sub)category.

I think that was me again! I am hoping to persuade Envato that it’s a good idea :slightly_smiling:

If I can get the consensus from authors, I might have a chance in changing things for the better for the lowly piano!

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+1 from me FlossieWood. You are spot on!

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