Clarification on theme purchase

The below is my understanding. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

  1. After purchasing the theme required, theme will be downloaded from my login where I made purchase, isn’t?
  2. Download file will be in offline installer (meaning I don’t want internet to install the theme.) isn’t?
  3. Also, after installing the theme, will the theme try to connect internet for initializing the theme when we browse the site?
  4. I don’t want the purchased theme to connect internet for some reason since I’m going to use it production network.


Hi welcome to Envato Forums.

  1. When you buy a theme/template then you will be able to download the theme from your downloads section.

  2. The download will be in the form of a zip file. You need to unzip the file, and inside there will be the files, documentation etc. This file will be saved to your local PC/computer device.

  3. Depending on the type of file, for example plain old HTML templates, then there is no initializing for the template. If it is a wordpress theme, or a specific PHP theme, then maybe. But 99% of the time, no when you install the theme it will not connect to the sellers website if that is what you mean.

  4. Most themes need to be uploaded onto a server to work - for example the contact forms, if there is specific php coding involved etc.

The rule is one theme, one domain name.
So if you install the theme on for example whilst you mess around with the functionality, then if it goes onto, then you need to uninstall it from the test url.

I hope this explains the answers to your questions.

I would like to mention (assuming you are talking about WordPress theme):
To install a theme you don’t need internet but most of the theme (99%) will require internet to install theme bundle plugins (required to functioning the theme perfectly). Also require internet to import the theme demos (to look like the theme live preview).

Thanks for the quick responses
We are planning to purchase : Milk - Multipurpose Responsive phpBB 3.3 Theme Preview - ThemeForest

the need is to customise our internal forum that is only for our intranetwork needs and that doesnt connect with external network. we would be glad if this acts as the base theme with not connecting to internet for fetching styles, as we see in some free downloadble styles
That was the need for the clarity before we initiate purchase

Pls confirm

THank you

There shouldn’t be any reason for it to need to connect externally BUT bear in mind this is built for use with specific software so how well it works for what you are trying to do will potentially depend how your internal intranet is created and operated.

Obviously I don’t know your business but even for an internal system it’s quite surprising that they would be ok with using a third party stock code

okay. For instance, I used the internet to activate a theme and the necessary plugins on a server. I then “disconnect” the server’s internet connection. Will cutting off the server’s internet connection cause our site to take longer to load or not open pages at all?

It’s impossible for us to provide you a guaranteed answer here since we didn’t make the theme. It would be better to reach out to the theme’s author instead, via their profile page or the theme’s comments section. Themes are not generally designed for strictly internal use.

However, at least for the live demo, the only external connections I see are Google Fonts which can be made local with a plugin or potentially from the theme’s settings. It’s worth noting that I only checked the home page, hence why you should contact the author for a more complete answer.


Also, these external assets and styles are not made over your server’s internet connection, but rather your own internet connection (from your browser). If the server itself cannot reach the public internet, it typically wouldn’t affect the public website (but again, the author can confirm this for their specific theme).

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Thank you much for the clarification :slight_smile: Much appreciated

All pages should load but it can take time to load if any 3rd party script used like google fonts.
You can contact the theme author and ask this pre-purchase query directly to the theme author by posting comments going through the theme Comments page. The theme author will answer your query.