Clarification about tags

Hi, I am reading the “Item Information and Metadata Requirements” support article found here Item Information and Metadata Requirements – Envato Author Help Center
I have confusion at a seemingly contradictory information about tags and would appreciate if anyone can provide a clarification.

In the what not to do section of the article, one of the bullet point is:
Do not include attributes such as “vector” or “tileable” as tags.

But in the tips and hints section of the same article, one of the bullet point is:
Identify functionality or features. Identify the functional elements, if any, in your file. Functionality can include a “contact form” in a theme, “tileable” in a texture, or “gallery” in a layout.

The bold is added by me to highlight the part I have confusion at. Unless there is something I am not reading or understanding correctly, it seems that the article is both suggesting that I should use “tileable” as a tag and that I should not use “tileable” as a tag.

Which is it? Is it encouraged/acceptable to use “tileable” as a tag or is it not?

The way I read it, you should identify the “tileable” feature in your description of the product, but DO NOT use the term 'tileable" as a tag.

The entire tips and hints section in the screenshot specifically pertains to tags, not descriptions. There is a separate tips and hints section that pertains to descriptions, with completely different points. If the sentence is saying “tileable” should be identified in the description, then it would be written with all the other tips and hints about descriptions. By being located with all the tips and hints about tags, the sentence implies that “tileable” should be identified in the tags.