Clan Script

It will be nice to se a good looking clan script for gamers.

  • Including:
  • 1. Forum
  • 2. Blog
  • 3. Tournaments system clan vs clan , etc.
  • 4. Reputation system and Archivements.
  • 5. Central Website Clan where clans can register and insert the games they playing.
  • There is a lot of features we can include.
  • Hey there,

    I’m more then happy to support. If possible
    add me on skype: webdevelopmentgroup or
    give me a call 1-800-219-1314 EXT 0.


    I’m actually in the middle of writing a platform for this exact purpose…

    This is a couple months late but i been using bluethrust clan scripts and it can do all that and more for free.