Claim against author (removed)

I bought a theme in from this man (removed) couple years ago and he abandoned it even though it was a popular one. 2 days ago I wrote to him and with no shame he tells me that he does not give more updates because is too old. I am having problems with WIDGETS and (removed) in a bad manner avoids responsibility as author.

This is my web site , it is great theme but (removed) quits with no reason the fixing of errors.

I WANT MY SITE TO BE FIXED and that you make this author responsible por what he sells through you.

Unfortuantley envato do not own the themes sold on TF and therefore, beyond removing items, they cannot guarantee the lifespan of items (it’s in the T&Cs), or ‘force’ authors to do anything, espeically after several years and outside of your support period.

You can probably find/hire a freelancer at to try to help fix it.

Hello Charlie thanks, yes your solution is great. Whom do you recommend and how much cost it?

I just went into this address but cant find in menu the process to hire one. Can you guide/assist me?

there are several - someone like @ki-themes spends a bit of time in these forums and is a proven author themselves so there is evidence of their ability.

They both have a profile on envato studio

Thanks a lot, I will writte to them. In the other hand, I want author Kayapati to refund my money, how do I proceed, through you?

You will not get a refund for an item purchased years ago. This wouldbe outside of scope.

Thanks so much dear Charlie for your valuable help. I already wrote to ki-themes. On the other refund topic, its ok, I will proceed some other way.

have a nice weekend.

I’d be happy to help you on this project. Thanks @charlie4282 :slight_smile: