Hi, I have envato elements, I’m working on a personal project I’m using citybook and I’m wondering how can I get support, according to the developer’s site you can extend the level of support and assistance by logging into my envato account. But It doesnt work like that.

  1. I need to alter the database / fields on the registry to adapt to my needs.
  2. I want to know how to extend my support
  3. how can I get assistance for my website
  4. what kind of licences do I have with envato elements?
  5. how can I get directly in contact with CTHthemes support?
  6. how can I upgrade to version 2.1.8 in envato elements I only see version 1.0 ?

can someone help me please?

Unfortunately, Envato elements downloads do not include support.

To gain support you would need to purchase the full copy from themeforest

Alternatively, you can hire freelance help using

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