Citruspay integration for Woocommerce

Citruspay payment gateway for Woocommerce will be awesome. Is there anyone else looking for it?

Is there any programmer experienced and willing to doing it? Please leave a reply here.

Thank you.

i downloaded file in the below link
my woocommerce version is 2.3.11

when am going to install this plugin its giving error like
The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

I tried it another way as you suggested like create tow files SampleRequest.php SampleResponse.php.
when am trying to open SampleRequest.php its coming blank nothing ll displayed…

network error 500 means page not found what to do…

sir can i test it localhost or its working in server only.

Please contact me via profile page contact form, I can help you on this. Thanks