Circular Thumbnails css


Hi everybody,
i am wondering how is possible to get circular thumbnails using css. I tried a couple of css, but it didn’t work :frowning:
I am just trying to give a better look at my website.

Thank you in advance


Try explaining a bit better what you want, if I understood well you want to put a ‘mask’ above a div to show the content in a circle. For that ad good option would pass by using a png border with a transparent circle in the middle. Would be at least the most compatible option.



There are a few options.
plusquare gave a good one, can work.

did you try using border-radius?
if the image is square and you set a class for the image that has a border-radius setting, it can give the desired effect.

but it depends on your code.
seach on google, i’m sure you’ll find some examples.


Thank you for the super fast answer :slight_smile:
I tried border radius, but the result wasn’t good.

I have read about mask technique but i do not try.
Could you please recommend me a good code for it?

Thank you so much


Open FireBug and right click on the avatars on this page. Add border-radius:60px and you get a perfect circle. I’m not sure how you could get better results with as little effort as this.


Sorry but i didn’t work ;(


I need to get a perfect circular thumbnail.

border-radius: 50%;

It will make the element perfectly rounded, like this

If it didn’t work, you might have used an old version of browser, which might not support the border-radius property, or require a vendor prefix.


it works :wink:

thank you