CineSamples compatible with AAX ?


I would like to buy Cinebrass and Cinewinds from Cinesamples?
But I can’t find AAX under the technical specifications for these two libraries on the cinesamples website.
Can anybody help me?
Merry Christmas to all of you! :blush: Justus

hey merry christmass too you too mate ! cinesamples work with kontakt ! not dedicated aax plugin ! so if you have kontakt you are ok ! i suppose they give kontakt player with the libraries too !

Thank you WolfSound! :blush:.
So You think it would work with Pro Tools 11 as an Kontakt Plug In?
Because I thought Pro Tools 11 only supports AAX Plug Ins anymore!?

I use pro tools 11and cinebrass brother. You have kontakt aax and all the libraries load on kontakt.

Thank You my Friend! :blush:

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