Cinematic Motivational Trailer Adventure Dramatic

Hello and Happy New Year!

So I purchased a couple packs earlier in the year for my YouTube channel to create an opener stinger for my tabletop gaming series. After some time with the aim to make it better quality (and being musically inclined) I was wondering about purchasing the Cinematic Motivational Trailer Adventure Dramatic by StudioKolomna to use in some upcoming vids on my channel.

However, I’m afraid I don’t completely understand the licensing terms and want to get it right before purchasing the song. The goal is to use the song in an ongoing series of pre-game episodes (which means content will change each episode to mach changing players and footage), plus using the entire length of the song for a channel trailer on our YouTube and Patreon accounts.

Do I need to purchase the song various times or would a single work? What kind of license(s) would I need to fulfill the needs I mentioned and follow the rules?

Please bear in mind I am fairly new to content creation on YouTube, but any and all easy-to-understand details you provide would be extremely helpful!