Cinema 4D shadow problem


Hi everybody,i have one problem.I finished my project in cinema 4D (car animation in lightroom),but shadow under car is flickering all the time-during the whole animation.I added DOF,global illumination,ambient occlusion in render settings…Can anyone tell me what is the problem?I am disappointed,render time was 18hours,but that flickering shadow is really ugly.Thanks,regards


Your GI settings are too low.


I feel your pain 8x8 but I’m c4d noob and I can’t help you…

Global Illumination Animation Preset coming soon on gsg. I can’t wait to see his solution for this “problem”.

I tried something
and I’m not satisfied, in first link in description you can see better result, but it was render with ir+qmc full animation, it was very slow :S


Thanks Felt! :-).Dorde what is the render time with ir+qmc ? 2X slower or?


Sorry I really cant remember, but it was slower for sure.


Ok thanks anyway Dorde!I will try with ir+qmc!36h render time,here i come :smiley:


I don’t do a lot of rendering with GI, but it can be very slow.

You can also adjust the GI settings per object with the compositing tag, if it’s just one object that’s problematic. (likewise for anti-aliasing). Perhaps try that before you push up the settings across the board.

Have a read of the manual under GI Setup, then at least you’ll understand what QMC and IR are doing.

I would always recommend running a series of 1-2 second tests before you do a full render. You can save yourself days like that.

Maybe try pushing the IR settings up first.


Hmm…weird!After 6 hours rendering with IR+QMC i get this message : “Not enough memory”…I have Intel i7 with 8 gb ddr3 memory.


Here is a good tutorial relating to various GI settings: