CID claim on Vimeo (?)

Hi guys.

One of my clients wrote to me that one of my tracks generated claim on the Vimeo. He sent me a screenshot with title of my track and my name on it.

Identifyy does not manage Vimeo. Any ideas which service claimed it? I do not use Songtrust.

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Didn’t it say the claiming service or name in the claim?
Maybe ask Identifyy.


I’ve asked already. They do not manage Vimeo.

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1.3.2. To the extent Identifyy expands its Services to services and websites other than YouTube (including, but not limited to, Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, SoundCloud, and any other similar websites and/or applications), these ToU shall additionally apply to any such websites and/or applications.
Terms of Use — Identifyy


Interesting. Identifyy told me they do not manage Vimeo.

This just mean that if/when the service expands, the same term of use would be applied. It doesn’t say that they actually cover these websites and apps.

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