Ciao Envato

Hello there,

I have not kept track with what was going with my account on this platform for years even though I still make a few sales each month.

Fed up with envato #1
A few weeks ago Envato contacted me to set up a payment account. I was not aware it would trigger an automatic monthly payment.

The thing is I preferred the old way for the payments: receive the payment when I want to receive it.

Fed up with envato #2
Today, I received an email from the Envato tax team asking for updating the tax information for non US author.

I filled it in 2015 and now it seems even much more complicated. I just gave up the whole thing.

It seems this platform totally forget to make it easy for the authors, so here is the actions I took:
removed all my items from your platform
get the money for 2018
never come back here to publish anything

Thank you for the elite tshirt anyway.



I’m sorry to hear about your experience!

I also received an email regarding updating the tax information for non US author, but even if it’s a bit more complicated than in 2015, it can be filled quite easily.

Well, I would say: at least don’t delete your account. Sometimes angry people do things they regret later :slight_smile: Maybe later on, you’ll change your mind and you might want to come back to publish new items.

All the best :hugs


The tax form is must be refilled each three years. Recently i refill this form too.
About payments… I dont understand what you mean…As i remember you can choose which payment you prefer.
Automatic or not automatic.

At least for me i can say - i have a not ideal cooperation with english. And at the same time in this W-8 form was a lot of words on accounting-office(i hope you underspand) language…
Ive spend a lot of time to translate this stuff and only after that i understand what indeed the envato wants.

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For a few months now all payments are automatic. If your earnings reach the payout threshold they are paid out every month.

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LOL are u kidding? official documents are hard to fulfill usually and even more when they are not in your native language, not to mention that there is no one who has the same paper to fullfill depending on situations and so on. INdeed this is hard to know which one had to be filled, plus there was no assistance for this, and just in case some people forget about it, all authors are super skillful in other languages than theirs, english included

as i said on many occasions, authors would like to feel a little bit more that there is a partnership rather than isolated authors in one side and a platform in the other one

he is mentioning about being able to choose swift, paypal or whatever depending on times, whch is no longer possible, now u select one and cannot change anymore, plus payment is monthly which is bringing some problems to the table for lots of authors who prefered keeping and transfering once exchange rates were better … not to mention that this is increasing fees

Hello @TopStudio

I feel bad for that you deleted your all items, I think you should contact to envato or authors for help.

You can read following articles

If you unable to understand you can contact me anytime for help from my profile page, I will explain you.

I already helped author for fill w-8 form.

Thanks :slight_smile:



Wowowow wait wait. Did you mean now payments are fully automatic?

Aaaaah you about that…
Now understand. But unfortunately we can do anything with that sh*t man)))))
Calm down. :))))))

i am perfectly calm buddy, even if i did not want, i would have no choice anyway lol as i just come back from suspension … at this stage i am just happy to be back, this is it

I can still change my preferred payout method.

I agree 100%. I have been an Audiojungle author for about 10 years. In the last 6 months, my sales dropped to zero, for no reason that I could establish. The auto-payment thing is ridiculous (and I don’t appreciate the email I get each month when my account $ is less than $50 telling me my payout was “rejected” - such charming and supportive language!), and the tax form on top of all this was the last straw for me. Last week I deleted my entire portfolio and will next week be contacting Envato to cancel my account. Ciao Envato indeed.


Come on guys! If getting paid every month and having to fill out a form are all too much for you… I’m amazed you could be bothered to go to the trouble of uploading items in the first place!

I filled it right now. It gets really very complicated :confused: … at least for people residents in Austria like me. I saw for US people it’s much easier. … I hope I filled it correctly.

As someone else mentioned, fluctuations in the dollar to local currency exchange rates are one reason an author may not want to withdraw their payments.

Another is a business/tax concern, based on my own experience: If receiving money in November or December, for example, pushes one’s income over a certain threshold which requires a complete change in business status for the entire preceding year, then it would be preferable to defer the payment until January.