Christmas Time Blues - What's The Deal With All The $5 Tracks?!?

I know this subject has been comprehensively lamented in the past, but I’ve never seen things so bad and so counterproductive to the market as a whole. As I write this, 21 out of the first 30 tracks on a search for “Christmas” are priced at the sadly laughable, barely profitable price of $5. Of course I’m fully aware that authors want to rack up those sales numbers, but jeez…It’s disheartening to know so many people here are willing to almost give away their work essentially for free, and for what? A very temporary spot on the weekly chart and to earn a single dollar at best? We don’t even need to blame all-you-can-eat subscription models for the overall devaluation of stock music; there are far too many authors willing to do it themselves.


Same reaction here…
I continue to price my tracks at $47 … and don’t sell them, but I will resist, I promise, and won’t lower my prices!


LOL it’s pointless. They want to get higher visibility but when they get it, Christmas time will be all over :slight_smile: Making such 5$ tracks is a waste of time.


What’s driving me nuts about it is that with so many $5 Christmas tracks, normal prices look wildly expensive by comparison, and that they’re possibly creating a future expectation of stupidly cheap tracks in the future.


I agree with Red Octopus - $5 tracks really is not worth selling at that price after fees.